Rakhi Sawant’s Legal Troubles Continue: From Arrest to Supreme Court Plea


Rakhi Sawant, a prominent Bollywood actress, was recently arrested in Mumbai and is now seeking relief from the Supreme Court. She has requested interim bail after getting embroiled in a legal dispute with her husband, Adil Khan Durani. Rakhi, who has been living in Dubai for several months, is accused of leaking Adil’s private videos, prompting him to file a police complaint. After the Bombay High Court rejected her plea for interim bail, Rakhi has approached the Supreme Court for further legal recourse.

The Case Against Rakhi

Rakhi Sawant is accused of playing Adil Khan Durani’s private videos during a television talk show. Furthermore, she shared the show’s video with a lawyer on WhatsApp. The lawyer argued that Rakhi, who is known as the “Drama Queen,” is suffering from several ailments that may require surgery. Despite her willingness to assist in this case, there is no need to detain her for questioning. Rakhi had also argued in the lower courts that the video was five years old, of poor quality, and indecipherable. However, Adil’s lawyer opposed these arguments, stating that her arrest and interrogation were necessary since Rakhi refused to surrender her phone, claiming her status as a celebrity.


Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durani married in 2022. Shortly after their wedding, they had a falling out, and Rakhi accused Adil of domestic violence and extortion of crores of rupees. As a result, she had him arrested and jailed. After his release, Adil remarried actress Sonali Ali. According to Rakhi, Adil married again without giving her a divorce. Currently, Rakhi is apprehensive about returning to Mumbai. If the Supreme Court rejects her plea for interim bail, she may face further difficulties. Upon her return to India, the police may arrest her and initiate an investigation.


Rakhi Sawant’s legal troubles have intensified, with her arrest and subsequent legal battles. Her attempt to secure interim bail was rejected by the Bombay High Court, forcing her to approach the Supreme Court. The accusations against Rakhi include playing Adil Khan Durani’s private videos on a talk show and sharing the show’s video with a lawyer. Although Rakhi argued that the video was old and of poor quality, the opposing lawyer asserted that her arrest and interrogation were necessary. With her marriage to Adil in turmoil, Rakhi’s return to India may be met with further legal challenges. As the legal proceedings continue, the Bollywood community is eagerly watching the outcome of Rakhi’s case.